I’ve never considered myself a trendy or stylish person. I grew up shopping at the mall or retail stores, buying whatever fit that was within my budget. Clothes weren’t that important to me, nor did I ever consider how they were made. I realized they were made in China or some other country by people earning a meager wage, but I didn’t let myself think too much into it.

I can’t recall how I was introduced to fair trade, but once I learned the impact buying these goods makes on the environment and the artisans who create them, I was immediately interested. However, I did continue to purchase my clothing from Burlington and other department stores. It wasn’t until I watched the documentary “The True Cost” on Netflix that my life really changed. I saw the impact fast fashion was making on the workers who slave away their lives working long hours every day for a few bucks a month just to give their children a decent education and put food on the table. I was horrified to see how these garment factories collapse and kill thousands of workers just so average Americans can keep up with the celebrities’ styles and feel important. It made me sick and ashamed that I was so ignorant and selfish to not consider what I was supporting.

Fashiontegrity is dedicated to the women around the world who sacrifice their lives every day in garment factories just to support their children. It’s also dedicated to all the people who lost their lives in garment factories just to feed their families. The purpose of Fashiontegrity is to draw awareness to fair-trade clothing and promote fair wages to the artisans in the United State and around the world who put their hearts and souls into their work. By supporting fair-trade clothing, we can each help create a better future for the wonderful people of these villages around the world. We can also stop supporting the fast fashion fads who don’t mind sacrificing human beings just to make a profit. 

I’m not asking you to throw out your entire closet and purchase a fair-trade wardrobe. My goal is that we all become more conscious about the clothing and accessories that we purchase and consider the people who work to create our clothing.