5 Ways Buying Fair Trade Empowers Women

5 Ways Buying Fair Trade Empowers Women

Fair-trade organizations benefit women around the world.  (pixabay.com)

Millions of women and young girls around the world work the same manual labor jobs as men, yet receive far less pay and rights as men. Women largely face discrimination, harassment, abuse, and unequal treatment in factories, farms, plantations, and other work environments. Fortunately, fair-trade organizations are working to lift women out of poverty and provide them with opportunities to improve their lives. Below are five ways you can empower women by buying fair-trade.


Access to Healthcare

Many women around the world are denied access to basic healthcare. Fair-trade organizations guarantee women access to healthcare, allowing them to lead longer, healthier lives.


Freedom From Harassment

Unfortunately, many factories in rural areas are known to harass and abuse female workers. Fair-trade organizations who hire woman provide an escape from the abusive treatment many receive on a daily basis.


Educational Opportunities

Fair-trade organizations often provide women with scholarships and opportunities to advance their education, which is nearly impossible for many impoverished women in third-world countries. These women are then able to learn new skills for better jobs or even go into business for themselves.


Fair Wages

Many women earn extremely low wages -often a few dollars per month- working in garment factories, farms, plantations, and other jobs that are not fair-trade. As a result, these women are unable to properly support their children or themselves. Fair-trade organizations pay fair wages, allowing women to finally gain self-sufficiency and even financial independence.



Fair-trade organizations empower women to take on leadership roles in their communities, earning much-deserved respect. These women then can play strong roles in their families and set positive examples for their daughters and other young girls in their communities.


The most important thing supporting fair-trade does is provide hope to women who otherwise would have to rely on their husbands for financial stability or work in unspeakable conditions just to earn a few dollars each month. With fair-trade, they can have hope for a better future for themselves and their families. Making a decision to shop fair-trade can make all of this possible. 

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