5 Beautiful Fair-Trade Winter Scarves Under $50

So often winter becomes a burden, but a few beautiful accessories can brighten up even the dreariest of days. With so many eco-friendly scarves available through online fair-trade stores, you don’t even have to leave the comfy couch to shop for the perfect winter scarf.

You will probably end up spending slightly more for a fair-trade scarf, but the price is easily justified by the superior quality and mere fact that you’re supporting ethical fashion and providing a better life for artisans around the world. A handmade scarf can easily last for many years, saving you money down the road. By purchasing a fair-trade winter scarf, you’re also almost guaranteed to never meet anyone else wearing the same scarf.

Below are my personal favorite fair-trade winter scarves, each priced at under $50. Many fair-trade scarves sold online are lightweight and best suited for warmer months, but I did manage to find a few eco-conscious winter scarves I think you’ll absolutely LOVE.  The following scarves are beautiful, cozy, and made ethically from individual artisans.


Autumn Block Shawl

This hand-knotted winter shawl can double as a scarf and features fringed ends. The beautiful hues of purples, blues, and greens can enhance all eye colors and complement virtually any wardrobe. $38, Serrv


Jamevar Indigo Wool Scarf

If you love paisley, you’ll adore this reversible wool scarf by Sevya. Made of merino wool, this soft scarf is very classic chic. You can display the stunning indigo and navy blue shades on both sides, making it the perfect accessory for any wardrobe. $35, Sevya


Cerise Pure Alpaca Handwoven Scarf from Bolivia

Look pretty in pink this winter with a handwoven alpaca scarf that feels like silk. This hypoallergenic scarf is extremely durable and even more thermal than wool! Made by indigenous mothers who migrated from El Alto to rural communities for a better life. $49,  Oz Fair Trade


Midnight Whisper – Women’s Handmade Fall and Winter Scarf in Green and Grey

This hand-crocheted winter scarf features a gorgeous blend of olive green and gray with a hint of sparkle. The yarn is a wool-blend from Italy. Made by an artisan in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, this lovely scarf is perfect for chilly evenings by the fire. $40, myMountainStudio


Revati Silk & Wool Scarf in Eggplant

This ultra-soft, absolutely stunning winter scarf comes in a beautiful eggplant shade that I can’t stop raving about. It’s hand-woven using centuries-old techniques with natural silk and wool yarn for a naturally gorgeous design. Made by Indian artisans, and proceeds support artisan communities and their weaving traditions. $45, Sevya


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